Health Illness

How would you define health? "Health is the ideal condition of the silence of the organs, a condition of a perfect physical, psychic and social well-being which is more than absence from disease and health. Gets health and disease more and more meaning just in the age.

What is more important to all people than health?

Still more health!

The value of the health of one's own often is after appear first one recognized disease. Main factors of a good health are a healthy nutrition, healthy environment, health in the area of the spiritual factors.

Main danger for the health is the disease. Disease is defined as a disturbance of the efficiency and the well-being of an organism. The causes of the disease are very different and can be divided up after a coarse score.

Disease by inheritance
Disease by infection
Disease by accidents
Disease by prosperity

Civilization is -- a great problem disease like smoking, overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes and your sequelas today.


Health is the degree of disease which still permits me to follow my essential occupations.
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

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