Max-Planck diet

This diet is called Max Planck wrongly, however, has with the scientist and with the Max-Planck institute for nutrition science nothing to do. One doesn't even know it, who has developed this diet. In the past, it was presumably by verbal propaganda, and pieces of paper spreads by Internet today. The diet stipulates, what and when one may eat in a detailed week schedule.

Meat, eggs and salad may be consumed in larger quantities, fruit and roll only in small quantities, vegetables. Pasta, potatoes and alcohol are forbidden absolutely. In the morning, there usually is only black coffee with dry rolls, at noon and in the evening meat, eggs and salad. As a snack between meals yoghurt, carrots, lemon and certain fruit types are permitted. Man should lose 9 kilos according to this diet within 2 weeks. The Max-Planck diet suggests us a unilateral nutrition. Carbohydrates and roughages are missing completely on the menu, against this, however, the cholesterol portion is far too high. Only is coffee and dry roll for breakfast stomach unfriendly and can feel at many to malaise. The Max-Planck diet just like the Atkins diet loads very strongly the kidneys, because of this it isn't at all suitable for diabetics. Being able to do heart circulation complaints and appearing by increased uric acid attacks of gout by increased blood fat values.

These informations may be considered a substitute for a piece of medical advice in no case. The content of doesn't can and may be put into any case to make diagnoses or carry out self medical treatment independently.

Diese Informationen dürfen auf keinen Fall als Ersatz für ärztliche Beratung angesehen werden. Der Inhalt von kann und darf auf keinen Fall verwendet werden, um eigenständig Diagnosen zu stellen oder Selbstbehandlung durchzuführen.

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