Vaccination reaction

Few days after a vaccination the injection place can hurt, redden or tumescences around the puncture place be able to appear. But also light fever is possible after a vaccination on the first two days. All these appearances are completely normal reactions to the vaccination. It is a vaccination reaction.

You should judge the health status of your child by a vaccination, however, just the same as otherwise also. Consult your physician if they state worrying symptoms at your child. Fever which doesn't subside or increases more highly than 39 º C after two days appears and your child still has perhaps in addition diarrhea, you make contact with your physician. The treatment of an illness may not be moved because it is regarded as a vaccination reaction.

The immune system of one often reacts similarly vaccinated as in the case of a real infection. In some cases symptoms of the disease against which was vaccinated (at veins for example fever and the typical exanthema > for two days however only) therefore weakened can appear. This vaccination reaction shows that the immune system responds to the vaccination. It is under no circumstances a vaccinating complication. After two days the symptoms should have disappeared, though.

Vaccination reactions are regarded as rule of thumb that appear vaccinated approximately at 10 per cent of everyone.

These informations may be considered a substitute for a piece of medical advice in no case. The content of doesn't can and may be put into any case to make diagnoses or carry out self medical treatment independently.

Diese Informationen dürfen auf keinen Fall als Ersatz für ärztliche Beratung angesehen werden. Der Inhalt von kann und darf auf keinen Fall verwendet werden, um eigenständig Diagnosen zu stellen oder Selbstbehandlung durchzuführen.

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