Tube middle ear catarrh with grinding up effusion

A tube middle ear catarrh is a not suppurative inflammation of the middle ear with secretion jam. Infections of the nose pharynx space are usually the cause. The mucosa of the eustachian tube is swollen, it is no longer general, it comes to the secretion jam in the middle ear, the grinding up effusion. The auditory ossicles cannot move any more and the sound conduction to the internal ear is disturbed. It is narrower and shorter than with taller children and adults for eustachian tubes of infants, they are more susceptible to this illness since this one.

The symptoms of a syringitis with grinding up effusion are deafness on one or the two ears. The children perhaps feel a feeling of pressure in the ear, however, can articulate these feelings first with a certain age. Sometimes they have murmurs in the ear. Another characteristic is a chronic common cold.

The physician will give therapy as follows:

  • Mucosa prescribes nose dropses going down and expectorant means him. Perhaps he will recommend head steam baths and infrared irradiations. A grinding up effusion then heals in 80 per cent of the cases.
  • Perhaps if the grinding up effusion doesn't form back, the pharyngeal tonsils must be removed operatively.
  • Perhaps her treating physician will transfer you to an ear, nose and throat specialist. It will slit the eardrum slightly and siphon the secretion from the tympanic cavity under a local anesthesia. Sometimes this access to the middle ear is kept open by a grinding up small pipe for several months. Her child shouldn't dive without special protective measures at this time. No water may reach the ears.

These informations may be considered a substitute for a piece of medical advice in no case. The content of doesn't can and may be put into any case to make diagnoses or carry out self medical treatment independently.

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