Itch mites (Scabies or scabies; Itch)

The itch or Scabies is a worldwide common illness which is caused by a mite (Sarcoptes scabiei). In the past, she was one of the most frequent illnesses, today, however, still is spread by all social strata, too. The mite sinks gaits into the topmost skin layer (cornea) and there also puts its eggs down. The transmission of the parasite is made by close skin contact. Symptoms of the Scabies are a strong pruritus, eczema similar skin changes and skin nodule (granulomas). Preferential places are hands, foots, armpits and the genital region. You treat with Pyrethroiden and Crotamiton lotions, for example. The prognosis is very good at a consistent medical treatment.

The pathogene of the itch is a 0.4 millimeters great mite (Sarcoptes scabiei) with a transparent body. It has 2 pairs of mouth tools and four leg couples by whom two pairs are provided with suction cups. In preferential skin places (fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulder folds, areola, penis, navels, foot borders, buttocks) the mite etches a hole into the horn layer of the skin, gait into the cornea slips through and eats a 0.5 to 5 millimeters long, horizontal minimumly. It lives on Lymph and skin cells. Minimumly it puts 2 to 3 eggs and leaves its excrement in the cuniculuses. After three to four days the larvae which legs have for only three couples slip from the eggs. The slipping of the larvae causes the strong pruritus. The larvae leave their gait, by they sink to the skin surface and preserve up to the sexually mature mite still to two nymph stadia through. The adult mite then sinks into the topmost skin layer again once more and drills gaits again. The complete design cycle lasts for 18-21 days.

The transmission of the itch mite is carried out by close skin contact, such as at the sexual intercourse. However, one can catch the mite also over affected blankets, towels and clothes. The mite survives, however, only 2 to 3 days outside the body.

The symptoms of the illness speak as follows:

Three appearances have to be noticed frequently parallelly just in the preferential body places (see under causative agent):
  • Cuniculuses: You are fine, winding, reddish till slaty lines (folded up to 1 centimeter for a long time twistily). One sees a light, yellowish prominence (mite hill) at its end. Here is the mite. Sometimes one sees skin nodules which are also only single and surrounded by a halo. You appear in the places in which the larvae break through the skin to the outside.
  • Pyodermias (pyodermas): There is a strong pruritus with the infected persons particularly at night. You scratch yourself intensely and the irritated, injured skin can be settled by bacteria. Purulent eruptions (pyodermas) arise.
  • Eczema (flat, itching skin inflammation): After four to six weeks a typical eczema appears. The immune system is sensitized against the proteins of the mite after this period of time.
A special form of the itch appears primarily at infants. So-called scabies granulomas can arise. These are pea-size, reddish brown nodes. You represent an immunologic reaction to the secretions of the mites presumably and still pass months after a successful medical treatment aimed at mites.

Go with your child at every itching exanthema to your treating physician.

Your treating physician makes the diagnosis with an inspection of the eruption and the anamnesis. With a magnifying glass the cuniculuses get visible with a black point at their end. (An ink coloring of the gaits is possibly ending of the skin nodules). It, however, isn't always very easy to track down such cuniculuses. The mite hills can be sealed also with scotch tape. Being able to show oneself eggs, larvae, mites or excrement on the removed scotch tape under the microscope.

Different means stand by the treatment of the itch at the disposal. It is quite important to wash blankets' etc. bedlinen, nonsense animals, also thoroughly. The other members of the family should be co-treated even if the typical pruritus and the skin appearances are still missing. The first symptoms after an infection can be missing up to four weeks. Full baths also prove medical treatment supporting. The temperature-sensitive larvae and nymphs are killed, the spreading of the mite attack is limited.

With children and pregnant women one refrains from the medical treatment with means containing lindane. So-called Pyrenoide (poison of the chrysanthemum flower) and Crotamiton are used at these person groups. After a full bath the solutions are distributed from the nape at the whole body. After a one working time of around 14 hours (Pyrenoid) or by applying repeatedly on days succeeding one another (Crotamiton) the solution is washed again. The effectiveness of Crotamiton isn't so good opposite means and Pyrethroiden containing lindane. A therapy must be carried out perhaps once again.

After the medical treatment beginning the tormenting pruritus stops for common two days.

A broader form of the itch by which children are very frequently also concerned is the so-called trombiculiasis (reap or Sendlinger bite or depending on this place of the occurrence named). It is caused to the fall mite by larvae and happens primarily in Bavaria, Thuringia and Tyrol from June until September. The illness manifests itself by strongly itching, red spots with pustules and crusts. Both the skin and scalp are concerned. Sometimes one considers the mites tiny red dots. You fall after the blood meal. The trombiculiasis appears after the child has played in the bushes, on meadows or in the hay. An increase of these mites on the skin isn't carried out. Only the symptoms must therefore be treated. Zinc lotions containing tannin are suitable for the alleviation of the pruritus. To prevent the trombiculiasis the skin of the child can with some guttas lemons or pinks oil you put cream as well with insect protection means. Take care that your child doesn't play there again where it has fetched the trombiculiasis.

These informations may be considered a substitute for a piece of medical advice in no case. The content of doesn't can and may be put into any case to make diagnoses or carry out self medical treatment independently.

Diese Informationen dürfen auf keinen Fall als Ersatz für ärztliche Beratung angesehen werden. Der Inhalt von kann und darf auf keinen Fall verwendet werden, um eigenständig Diagnosen zu stellen oder Selbstbehandlung durchzuführen.

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