Inflammations of the lacrimal sac (dacryocystitis)

Primarily with newborn childs it frequently comes to inflammations of the lacrimal sac (sometimes also called smearing eye). One or both eyes water, sometimes are small to see pus flakes at the internal eye canal. At the acute form of the illness an extensive inflammatory swelling of the lacrimal sac environment also can appear.

The cause of the illness is a transfer of the lacrimal sac exit or the tear nose gait. With newborn childs a pellicle also can lead to a closure in the area of the tear nose gait. The tear fluid can't drain away and piles up. Bacteria can establish themselves and cause an inflammation of the lacrimal sac. At a suspicion of a lacrimal sac inflammation you should always go to the physician.

The treating physician will take up the following measures:

  • He will express the lacrimal sac gone septic perhaps to remove the closure of the tear canal and to get the tear flow going.
  • He will so that the pus can drain away introduce you as you can carefully massage the lacrimal sac in the direction of tear dot.
  • He will prescribe antibiotic eye drops against the infection if necessary.

You can help your child also in the following way:

  • Massage the area of the lacrimal sac and the tear canals according to a medical instruction minimumly.
  • Wash your child's eyes after waking up with a boiled, tepid water. Use one disposable washcloth each not going bobbly for every eye.
The closure of the tear passages usually by themselves comes loose at infants up to the sixth life month. If the lacrimal sac inflammation shouldn't fade away despite medical treatment, you introduce your child to an ophthalmologist. It will decide whether the tear passages must be washed the dishes and sounded out things. The operation is carried out most under short anesthesia in an eye hospital. Some eye drops going down with mucosa days still become gives therapy after this.

These informations may be considered a substitute for a piece of medical advice in no case. The content of doesn't can and may be put into any case to make diagnoses or carry out self medical treatment independently.

Diese Informationen dürfen auf keinen Fall als Ersatz für ärztliche Beratung angesehen werden. Der Inhalt von kann und darf auf keinen Fall verwendet werden, um eigenständig Diagnosen zu stellen oder Selbstbehandlung durchzuführen.

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