Fever spasm

About four percents of the children goes ahead of 5 through year of life unite fever spasm through. Very often has left it with an only spasm, only few children clench at every feverish infection. The inclination towards fever spasms is bequeathed.

The spasm appears at a feverish infection at a rapid increase in the fever. The child loses the consciousness, will be bodies flabbily or stiffly, the muscles can twitch. It rolls the eyes, perhaps saliva flows from its mouth. After approximately one minute the spasm comes loose and fells the child into an exhaustion sleep. The childlike unripe brain reacts to the sudden temperature rise with the spasm.

If the spasm should last longer as a minute, you immediately call the emergency service or your physician. Start if necessary with the breath donation. Inform your attending doctor of every seizure.

The physician will give an antispasmodic means. After the first fever spasm it will exclude possible other attack causes, like a meningitis. An antispasmodic medicine prophylactically is prescribed for a next attack (Diazepam-Rectinole -> Storage in the refrigerator!). It may be used only in the acute emergency. Diazepam tablets are ordered if the inclination towards fever spasms is known. You then will be given prophylactically as long as the fever stops.

First aid at a fever spasm:

  • Keep rest!
  • Take your child to the stable side position!
  • Shove a handkerchief for him at the side between the teeth so that it doesn't bite the tongue.
  • Loosen his clothes at the neck.
  • Don't put the child on the head and don't hold it tight.
  • Give a fever suppository with paracetamol.
  • The spasm usually then comes loose again.
  • As a further emergency measure an enema can be given with diazepam if it is available.
  • Perhaps if you make contact with your physician, you contact the emergency doctor.

Further preventive measures with children who tend to fever spasms:

  • Start at every temperature increase with antipyretic measures, like compresses around the leg or fever suppository.
  • If the fever increases about 38.2 º C, you give the diazepam tablets prescribed by the physician.

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