Earaches can start out from inflammations or injuries of the ear themselves. The auricle, the auditory canal, the eardrum and/or the middle ear is concerned. But also inflammations of the parotid gland (e.g. at mumps), the palatine tonsils (tonsillitis) and the pharynx (pharyngitis) radiate into the ears. Earaches are concomitants also at some illnesses of the teeth and the jaw joint. Air pressure fluctuations can soon one ear pressures cause at flying or during the plunge.

The most frequent reasons for earaches with children are:
  • An acute inflammations of the middle ear, the so-called otitis media, caused by infections of the Hal nose pharynx space.
  • Injuries and/or inflammations of the outer ear, namely the auricle, the auditory canal and the eardrum by importing objects like sharp pencils, cotton tips, knitting needles, or by Baden in polluted waters. Inflammations of the outer ear are described as an otitis external.
Another frequent illness in the ear area is the so-called tube middle ear catarrh with children with grinding up effusion.

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